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Launched in 2003, Spa Addicts appeared on the scene as the first of its kind - a trendsetting and national spa website that offered exclusive spa discounts, perks and free treatment upgrades for the asking – coupon and membership free! This concept of an affordable spa lifestyle had not yet existed and was the first of its kind, attracting millions of women all over the U.S. who also craved a spa lifestyle that didn't pinch their wallet!

Mary Blackmon, Founder, built her business with a passion, one spa at a time, asking them to join her and help millions of enthusiastic spa addicts attain a lifestyle that was once seemingly out of reach, making wellness and me-time a priority for one's way of life.

Mary knew all too well that spa time and me-time was an essential factor in feeling balanced, beautiful and healthy. Following a long and fast-paced career in advertising sales for magazines and internet companies, Mary felt that balance and well-being could no longer be put off as a goal for a later date, yet at the time, spas were still perceived and was often felt as a bit out-of-reach for the 'everywoman.' That's when she developed the concept of affordable, accessible spa-going, and Mary launched SpaAddicts.com, which became the innovative break-through website that allowed others to quench their spa cravings affordably and guilt-free.

Mary has become a spa expert and consumer advocate helping us all feel less stressed and simply better – inside and out. She has spoken at conferences domestically and internationally, been quoted in dozens of newspapers and magazines including O Oprah Magazine, Women's Health, Cosmo, NY Times et al, and featured on TV including Extra TV, TV Guide, ABC News, and countless others. She has hosted videos on spa treatments and taken us to Sundance and Academy Awards providing a 'behind the scenes' look into the spa lifestyle. She has been a featured columnist for iVillage.com and Skin Inc., and one can follow her on her new spa journeys as she contributes as Editor At Large to partner SpasOfAmerica.com.

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